The Greatest Teams of Our Lifetime: Bracket


From 2017


During the 2017 season, we took some time at the end of each show to debate the greatest college football team of the past 25 years. We started with a 16-team bracket, and each week, the last segment of our podcast was dedicated to one of these hypothetical match-ups, with the winner advancing. Visit the podcasts page and start with the 2017 season preview episode to listen from the beginning.

Listen to our breakdowns of the final four matchups:


Update 2023

Since we created this bracket, there have been several teams that are worthy of inclusion.

  • The 2018 Clemson team, led by freshman Trevor Lawrence, is arguably better than the 2016 Clemson team and would be a top 12 seed in a current bracket.
  • The 2019 LSU team, featuring Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson, would absolutely be a top 4 seed and is arguably the best college football team of all time.
  • The 2020 Alabama team, featuring Mac Jones and a loaded WR room, is difficult to judge since they played in a COVID season, but would potentially make our current list of top 16 teams.
  • The 2021 and 2022 Georgia teams are both worthy of inclusion. As we did with the USC 03-05, Alabama 11/12, and Nebraska 93-95 dynasties, we’d pick one of these teams (slight edge to the undefeated 2022 team) and seed them in the top 6.

A revised bracket for 2023 would probably featuring the following teams as the top 4 seeds in some order: 2001 Miami, 1995 Nebraska, 2008 Florida, 2019 LSU