Championship Week Preview: Del Scorcho

Dan, Ryan and Tom change things up this week and start the show with a positive conversation about some of the most underrated coaches in college football. This segues into a conversation about recent coaching hirings and firings, including Kliff Kingsbury and USC. The guys also reflect on Ohio State’s blowout of Michigan and the crazy seven overtime matchup between LSU and Texas A&M. 

Then they break down all the lines from championship week, including Alabama vs. Georgia, Ohio State vs. Northwestern, Clemson vs. Pitt, Oklahoma vs. Texas, and Utah vs. Washington, as well as all the Non-Power Five championship games, in a long, stat-filled analysis. 

Dan and Ryan end the show with a passionate discussion about their favorite fast food restaurant, Del Taco. 

Week 13 Preview: It’s Going to Be a Party in Tuscaloosa

Tom, Dan and Ryan return for an exciting week of college football. They break down the biggest games of week 13, including Ohio State vs. Michigan, Florida State vs. Florida, Mississippi vs. Mississippi State, West Virginia vs. Oklahoma and so much more. The show ends with a discussion about Real World cast members and other nonsense. 

Week 12 Preview: The Northeast 12

Dan, Ryan and Tom start the show in usual fashion by praising Tua Tagovailoa and making fun of UConn football. The guys offer a suggestion for a new Northeastern conference. Then they break down the biggest lines of week 12 of the college football season, including Notre Dame vs. Syracuse, Michigan vs. Indiana, Boston College vs. Florida State and many more. The show ends with a farewell to Nathan Peterman and some ideas for his next career move. 

Week 11 Preview: The Girl With the Ray Rice Jersey

Ryan, Dan and Tom return for another week of college football. The show starts with Ryan updating his running list of the worst 8 coaches in college football. Then the guys break down all the biggest lines of the week, including Alabama vs. Mississippi State, Notre Dame vs. Florida State, Boston College vs. Clemson and much more. After football talk, Ryan discusses what he likes and doesn’t like about the newest season of Dr. Who. The show ends with some pro football talk and a story about Dan and Ryan’s trip to Las Vegas, and all of the horrible NFL jerseys they witnessed.