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College Football Week 13 Preview: EA Sports and Underrated CFB Coaches

Dan, Ryan and Tom preview the best games of week 13 of the college football season, including Ohio State vs. Michigan, Florida State vs. Florida and many more. Ryan puts a positive spin on this week’s Tarmac Report and presents a list of 5 underrated college football coaches. Then the guys end the show with some 90s nostalgia including thoughts on the EA Sports franchise, Starter Jackets and more. Happy Thanksgiving!

College Football Week 10 Preview: They Should’ve Left Him in East Hartford

Dan, Ryan and Tom preview the best games of week 10 of the college football season, including Georgia vs. Tennessee, LSU vs. Alabama, Kansas State vs. Texas and much more. Plus, the guys discuss what went wrong at Auburn and point out some other coaches whose career might not last much longer. And in our newest segment, Your Opinion is Wrong, Dan shares why making any bet on the Florida-Texas A&M game is a terrible idea.

College Football Week 9 Preview: Your Opinion Is Wrong

Dan, Ryan and Tom are back with a look at week 9 of the college football season, including Penn State vs. Ohio State, Florida vs. Georgia, Tennessee vs. Kentucky and all the other best games. Plus, our new segment “Your Opinion Is Wrong,” where Ryan and Tom choose opposing sides in a game and Dan tells everyone why they’re wrong. Also, Pat Fitzgerald is featured in our Coaches’ Restaurant segment, and an extended midseason Tarmac Report where we reflect on the coaches that have been fired this season and who is next on the chopping block.